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Classified Investigations is a private investigation firm in Lakeland FL serving the Polk County area

Private Investigators in Lakeland 

Our private investigation team is committed to serving both your personal and business investigation needs. The CEO of Classified Investigations, L.L.C. has over 17 years of private investigation experience and 16 years in law enforcement. He holds a Master of Science degree in Law Enforcement Administration from Michigan State University. We adhere to the highest professional standards with integrity and honesty in conducting private investigations for our clients. Our core value is commitment to our client's case and needs.


Located in Lakeland, Florida, our investigative arm reaches well beyond this geographical area. To suit your needs, our firm can network with professional investigators nationwide.

Corporate and Personal private investigator in Lakeland FL serving the Central Florida area
Classified Investigations, LLC is located in Lakeland, FL. We serve private clients as well as small to medium size businesses in the Polk County area.

Personal Clientele Services:


  • infidelity/cheating partner investigations

  • photographic and video captures

  • background checks before marriage

  • well being checks on loved ones

  • locating a missing person

Business Clientele Services:


  • pre-employment checks - including criminal history, past addresses and education verification

  • non-compete violations of a former employee

  • employee misconduct issues including absences, theft and more 

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