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Business private investigation services in Lakeland FL



  Commercial Needs  

  • Examine suspected non-compete violations from former employees.

  • Ferret out employees who claim injury or prolonged illness from work.

  • Mitigate risks and liability with employee termination.

  • Due Diligence backgrounds.

  • Employee theft. 

Commercial private investigator in Lakeland Florida
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Background Intelligence Report 

Employers and business owners may have a “need to know” regarding an employee or an associate. We offer confidential and discrete services to unveil secrets, update a criminal history check and offer lifestyle/social media information, addresses and more on the subject.  Our firm utilizes the most advanced array of database technology to dig deep through billions of records. Our top-notch services produce an in-depth report that is then analyzed and reviewed for critical elements for your case.

Corporate job interview

Pre-Employment Screens 

Commercial entities may want to screen future applicants for employment. We offer two levels of pre-employment screens, with an in-depth sensitive screen as an option. We require written consent from each applicant to adhere to the Federal Credit Reporting Act.

Signing Contract

Non-Compete Violation

A business may request an investigation into a former employee regarding violation of a non- compete agreement and non-disclosure breach which could jeopardize trade secrets and misuse of confidential information. Our investigators can provide evidence of violations to your legal agreement.

Worker with boxes hurt his back

Employee Situations

Scenario One: An employee is injured at work. The injury did not appear to be serious, yet the injured party is soon missing time from work. As an employer, you have filed the needed injury report, but now have concerns and questions. Contact Us!

Scenario Two: An employer may suspect an employee of misusing sick time with a prolonged illness, costing your company considerable loss of money and a lack of productivity. If you suspect the feigning of an injury or prolonged sickness, then Contact Us!

Employee being fired

Employee Termination

Employee termination has come to the forefront in today’s world. A disgruntled worker who has been terminated may have irrational thoughts and behaviors. Surveillance of a discharged employee for a short period of time may reveal critical indicators for potential harm and reduce your liability by demonstrating you took precautions.  Our investigator will keep you up to date. These cases must be coordinated with Human Resources prior to the employee’s discharge.

Employees drinking on the job

Employee Standards

Employees are the front line and extension of your business. A receptionist, a salesperson, field workers, a service person, a driver, or a waitress are ambassadors of your businesses. Consider having a licensed investigator interact with an employee and rate them based upon a predetermined survey you developed. Simple honesty tests can be used for basic character traits.

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