Commercial Needs  

  • Examine suspected non-compete violations from former employees.

  • Ferret out employees who claim injury or prolonged illness from work.

  • Mitigate risks and liability with employee termination.

  • Pre-employment background screens.

  • Employee theft. 

Open Source Intelligence

Our firm utilizes the most advanced array of database technology in order to dig deep for your information retrieval. Our top-notch professional databases dig into literally billions of records, then carefully the data is analyzed for your case. An investigator can then follow up on the critical elements to your case.

Pre-Employment Screens

Commercial entities may want to screen future applicants for employment. We offer two levels of pre-employment screens, with an in-depth sensitive screen as an option. We require written consent from each applicant to adhere to the Federal Credit Reporting Act.

Non-Compete Violation

A business may request an investigation into a former employee regarding violation of a non- compete agreement and non-disclosure breach which could jeopardize trade secrets and misuse of confidential information. Our investigators can provide evidence of violations to your legal agreement.

Employee Situations

Employers may suspect an employee of theft or misuse of sick time with a “prolonged illness” costing your company considerable money. Let Classified Investigations record the employee’s activities when there is a question of time abuse or feigning an injury.

Employee Termination

Employee termination has come to the forefront in today’s world. A disgruntled worker who has been terminated may have irrational thoughts and behaviors. Surveillance of a discharged employee for a short period of time may reveal critical indicators for potential harm and reduce your liability by demonstrating you took precautions.  Our investigator will keep you up to date. These cases must be coordinated with Human Resources prior to the employee’s discharge.

Employee Theft

Small to medium size organizations typically do not have a formal security department to curb employee theft. If you have concerns and would like assistance we can help.


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