Personal private investigator for missing persons, divorce and pre-marital background reports in Lakeland FL



  Personal Needs  

  • Premarital background reports for your security and peace of mind.

  • Well being checks for out-of-town loved ones.

  • Locate a missing person or person who is in hiding.

  • Locating assets in divorce situations or civil litigations.

  • Customized investigations based on your need. 

Pre-marital background checks, divorce private investigator in Lakeland FL
Private investigator for infidelity or cheating in Lakeland FL

Hire us for POM (Peace of Mind). Many times, a spouse is "not sure" of infidelity. Our investigator will be discreet and provide eyes-on information to you. Armed with the facts, you can make solid decisions about your relationship.

Cheating goes beyond marriage boundaries. We have seen an uptick in cases of clients who want the facts prior to a serious relationship. Avert critical issues before commitment to lifelong vows. Hire Us!

Well-being checks on loved ones by private investigator in Polk County FL
Well Being Checks

Well being checks on a loved one from an out of state family member who needs assurance that all is well. Our investigator can make regular personal checks or random discreet checks, which ever will suit your needs.

Private investigator for missing person in Lakeland, Central FL
Locate a Missing Person

Locating a missing person can be effectively handled with our resources and talent. Typically, these cases not only utilize advanced technology, but also “foot work”. Interviews with last known contacts, hang outs and law enforcement help shape the case to a successful conclusion. 

Private investigator for skip tracing and bail jumpers in Lakeland FL
Skip Tracing

Field interviews and professional database searches with by our talented staff can find the unfindable. The difficulty of Skips varies on the motives of the subject. They range from jailbirds, deadbeats, bail jumpers and people avoiding a subpoena.

Private investigator for locating hidden assets in divorce and civil lawsuits in Lakeland FL
Asset Locates

Asset locating can be helpful and vital in divorce and civil lawsuits resulting in higher legal settlements.  It is not surprising to learn of hidden property involving a residence, bank account, boats or motor vehicles that our client was never aware of.  This kind of knowledge can also open doors for deeper probing with further investigation.

Private investigation services for employees, background checks and lawsuits in Lakeland FL
  • Employee Surveillance. Misconduct, Termination, Feigning Injury.

  • Non-Compete. Background and surveillance services to determine non-compete violations which cut into your business' bottom line.

  • Attorney Services. CI will partner with your attorney for confidential litigation requests.

  • Civil Lawsuit Investigations. Field Interviews, backgrounds, social media and surveillance to advance or resolve a civil case.

  • An Investigative Arm that reaches well beyond Lakeland, FL.

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