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Personal private investigator for missing persons, divorce and pre-marital background reports in Lakeland FL



  Personal Needs  

  • Premarital intelligence reports for your security and peace of mind.

  • Well-being checks for out-of-town loved ones.

  • Locate a missing person or person who is in hiding.

  • Complete infidelity investigations.

  • Customized investigations based on your need. 

Pre-marital background checks, divorce private investigator in Lakeland FL
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After months or years in a relationship you suspect infidelity of your partner. That nagging feeling haunts you as you notice little differences in the routine of your spouse or partner. Worse yet, you found incriminating information on a cell phone, computer or from a friend. Is it true? This is a time to Contact us. Things to do:

1. Call Classified Investigations. LLC and explain your situation and get a free consultation and quote. We abide by confidentiality, you should also, by ensuring your computer and cell phone do not reflect our communications.

2. We like to “partner” with our clients. Keep mental notes and at the appropriate times notify your investigator concerning important updates. 

Our Infidelity Investigator will work diligently on your behalf with professionalism and integrity.  Deploying tailing, surveillance, photos, and cutting-edge databases we will tailor your private investigation for successful results. Reports can be provided to you or your attorney in a timely manner. Contact Us!

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Well Being Checks

Well being checks on a loved one from an out of state family member who needs assurance that all is well. Our investigator can make regular personal checks or random discreet checks, which ever will suit your needs.


Locate a Person

You or your attorney may have a need to locate a valuable witness. Classified Investigations, LLC goes beyond just a database search. We make every attempt to verify the information through county record checks, phone calls and if feasible an in- person location check.

Other clients request finding a relative for legal purposes, such as a will that needs execution. You may have a relative that has not been seen in decades or worse, they are deceased.  You need resolution or closure. Contact Us!

Child custody investigation services

Child Custody / Timesharing

This arena is a battlefield for all clients. The stakes are generally high and many times you need some form of evidence to demonstrate the opposing party is not suitable or incapable for proper custody. Our Investigator will be your solider and conduct a thorough lifestyle investigation, along with deep background checks, including criminal records and digging back years.  Documentations and photographs will give your attorney a distinct advantage while he or she works on your behalf. Let Classified Investigations, LLC work for your children. Contact Us!

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Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations may include field interviews to verify information or acquire unknown or undisclosed information.  Your private investigator will focus on advancing your civil case. As the case dictates, interviews can be recorded with the proper consent. This is a valuable option as a witness or victim may forget or change a version.

Personal Background checks to examine an array of information on an individual. Depending on your need this information may reveal a person’s criminal history, sex offender flags, active warrants, extensive address history, professional license, phone numbers attached to a residence, utility records, relatives, assets openly owned including motor vehicles and more. This report can provide you a clearer picture of the person of interest.  Many clients are satisfied with this preliminary investigative report. Others see unsettling details and request follow up services. If you have a Need To Know, consider investing in a background report. Online Dating, Serious Bound Relationships, including Marriage are in this arena.

We utilize top of the line, cutting edge databases in our searches. These services are used by the corporate world and law enforcement.

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CI Services

  • Employee Surveillance. Misconduct, Termination, Feigning Injury.

  • Non-Compete. Background and surveillance services to determine non-compete violations which cut into your business's bottom line.

  • Attorney Support. At your request, a licensed private investigator will contact your attorney and review the details of your case. From the attorney’s perspective, what information would be most beneficial to your case. From there, the investigator will structure a plan, yet remain flexible. Additionally, many attorneys’ need to contact a witness for your case. We can assist with locating that individual. Your client needs quick response for an investigator to respond to an accident scene, Contact Us


  • Civil Lawsuit Investigations. Field Interviews, backgrounds, and surveillance to advance or resolve a civil case.

  • An Investigative Arm that reaches well beyond Lakeland, FL.

Take a moment and review CI News for more details.

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